Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.35.59 PMDr. Bovis, fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, specializing in the treatment of brain tumors, is leading the way in the application of advanced technologies to make brain surgery safer and more precise for his patients. Many of his brain tumor surgeries are performed within the PoleStar iMRI Navigation Suite at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. This highly advanced surgical suite allows Dr. Bovis to:

  • Plan the most efficient and least disruptive path to the brain tumor
  • Preserve healthy brain tissue during surgery
  • Verify, in the operating room, the extent of surgical resection of the brain tumor
  • Eliminate complications associated with brain shift during surgery (brain shifts slightly so it doesn’t correlate with pre-operative images)
  • Reduce the likelihood that patients will require a follow-up surgery
  • Have access to 3D, real-time images and navigation, to ensure the most successful surgery

Today’s patient expects the best results with the least complications, while at the same time removing as much of the brain tumor as possible. Achieving these goals is made easier with the use of sophisticated intraoperative MRI imaging, navigation technologies, electrophysiological monitoring and endoscopic techniques.

Access to this exceptional intraoperative equipment continues to facilitate better surgical outcomes for patients with brain tumors and other brain conditions. It specifically reduces likelihood that patients will need repeat surgeries, it helps to preserve eloquent and healthy brain tissue, and reduces intraoperative complications.

Dr. Bovis frequently lectures at national meetings and shares his experience with the PoleStar iMRI Navigation Suite with other neurosurgeons throughout the world. He welcomes patients to ask questions about the difference this technology can make in their neurosurgical care.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Bovis, please call (847) 698-1088.